Work Efficiently with your Meetings

Professional Meeting and Activity Management Software (beta)

Professional Meeting and Document Management Software

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Work more effective with your meetings

Events planning

Use effective process and awsome features to prepare yourself and your team to the various events (meeting, webinar, phone, skype, hangout, other). Use event creation forms, agenda and goals management to make your sessions more efficient and coherent.

Tasks management

Easily create tasks and activities for yourself or assign one to a teammate. Keep track of the things you own, need to get done, want to remember, or delegate to someone else

Efficiency Reports

Report participants collaboration and activity level in selected knowledge areas. Report event costs, participants’ activity points and emotions. Create tags on fly when the key moment of event happens and then report based on them. Report action items, agenda and goals achieving level.


Stop manage through the meetings. Stop using email for managing team work. Forget CC, BCCs, forget Spam. Share events with your teammates, delegate tasks with just one click.

Smart contacts management

Use simple and powerful tag system which let you to easily index of all information about your contacts, regardless of whether they are customers, co-workers or just friends.

Fully Predefined Meeting Notes

View and automatically share your created meeting minutes. Control meeting effectiveness, achieve goals and always reach your assumed agenda.

Knowledge Base

Use flexible and useful repository about your contacts, persons, companies and other information you need to save.

Flexible and open integration

You do not need to cease using your favorite tools. Consider SpinMinutes as a new interface that will let you for much more. Use the data stored in your existed accounts, such a Google, Microsoft, Jira and much, much more ...

Reliable Personal Assistant

Have your own, personal assistant that performs solely your orders. Using only your mailbox and just 5 simple commands make that your business cases will be handled by your personal SpinMinutes assistant. Give instructions, receive real-time support, depute meetings organization, creation notes, add documents and many other tasks. Do not let to anything will slip away!

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